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How life will be different for the new royal baby

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have announced the birth of their baby boy - but how different will life be for this baby than for his cousins?

Published: May 7, 2019 at 11:37 am

The announcement of the safe arrival of a new baby for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry made headlines across the world yesterday ?


The little prince, yet to be named, has been born into royalty and privilege for certain - but how different will his life be from that of his cousins, especially Prince George, a direct heir to the throne?

How will life be different for the new prince compared to his 'Cambridge' cousins?

1. He'll never be king – unlike George

For starters, it's pretty certain that this new little Prince will never be king - he's 7th in line currently, but, of course, if George has children, the crown will go to them. So while the new Prince may take on certain royal duties, he'll never sit on the throne.

2. He may have a traditional name

Whenever there's a new royal baby on the way, you'll see a list of 'approved' royal names that mum and dad are expected to go for. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge stuck to the 'rules' on this one with their 3.

But will Meghan and Harry go 'off piste' with their name choice? We guess we'll find out soon enough... ?

In case they need some inspiration, though - we've got a great list of royal baby boy names

3. He'll have more freedom to choose a career

The fact this new Prince isn't in line to the throne in itself, should give him a bit more freedom to follow paths he wants to.

It will also (hopefully) mean that as he gets older he can avoid the media spotlight if he chooses to.

4. The couple might not always stick to protocol when it comes to their baby

There have been a few occasions when the couple have seemed to be doing things a bit differently with their baby. First off, we're actually really pleased to see that they're not planning a first photo shoot with their son until Meghan's had a few days to recover after the birth. (Remember Kate Middleton appearing on the hospital steps just hours after having hers?)

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We've also heard rumours that the couple could be spending 2 or 3 years with their child living in Africa, to carry out Commonweath and charity work there - definitely a first for a British royal couple with a young family.

4. He might have dual nationality

A number of papers have reported there's a chance the new Prince will take up dual nationality: it's certainly an option as his mum is a US citizen. If he does, this won't affect his British citizenship at all, of course – as you'd expect, not least because his Grandma is the Queen ?


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