When we asked our mums on Facebook whether their school charged for the Christmas play, we had more than 150 responses from people saying 'yes, they did'.


And, for the most part, they said they had no issue with being charged to watch their child's performance.

For example, Laura S told us she pays: "£2 a ticket at our school. I don't mind at all.

"I have 2 children at the school and have paid more for the tickets than I would have put in a collection box so the school gets more from me this way... all good and I imagine is partly why they do it.

"I'm the type of person who forgets about collections and ends up with scrabbling round for the few coins I can find at the bottom of my bag. I can't be the only one!"

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We totally get this (we're just a bit sad schools feel they have to charge for stuff like this to raise money - though alas, it seems many do) but we were a bit surprised when a couple of mums told us how much their schools were charging.

"My son's nursery is charging £5 per person," Lauren P reveals.

While Kayleigh W says this: "£4 at our primary school. They take everyone to the cleaners! Most families can’t afford £4 a head at Christmas...

"Parents have to supply the costumes too and contribute to the raffle!"

Though Helen C says: "Wait until your child gets to secondary school - it costs from £5 -7 a show per person."

Of course, the Nativity (or alternative) is not the only thing you pay for - there are often entry fees to school fayres and tickets for concerts to drum up a bit of cash for, too.

But if it helps the school out financially, it makes sense, right?

What do you think?

What's the most you'd pay for a ticket to see your child's play - or are there no limits? Tell us in the comments below or over on Facebook

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