Can you guess how many hours sleep each night Suri Cruise’s mum has? Surely Katie Holmes gets a full night’s kip, right? Err, actually, it turns out this celebrity is in as much sleep debt as the rest of us. “I try to get eight hours, but it is usually six. Sunday is my day to catch up,” said Katie Holmes, reports HollyBaby.


Jada Pinkett Smith also gets six hours sleep a night. “Once I had children, I got used to not sleeping much.” How refreshingly normal is Will Smith’s wife?!

Celeb dad-of-two Hugh Jackman revealed his sleeping habits, too. “I’m lucky to get seven hours. I have a 10-year-old and a 5-year-old,” he explained.

Now, not all celeb parents are short of sleep. If your eyes currently feel like they’re made of sandpaper, you might find it hard to read on…

Jessica Alba, currently pregnant and already mum to Honor Marie, clocks up eight hours a night. “Luckily my daughter averages 12 hours, so we get a lot of sleep in our house — for now!” she shared.

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Also in the eight-hour camp is Christina Aguilera. Christina (kind of annoyingly!) said, “People spend money on beauty potions, but a good night’s rest makes all the difference.” Ah, if only it were that simple, Christina.

Matthew McConaughey supposedly gets eight and a half hours sleep a night. “I’m not near as good the next day if I get less.”

“I love to sleep. When I’m rested, I’m at my best,” said Halle Berry, of her nine hours sleep a night. We’re pretty sure most mums love sleep – they just don’t get it, that’s all!

And storming in with a huge 10 hours sleep a night is the stunning Heidi Klum. No wonder she looks so good. “I go to sleep pretty much when the children go to sleep! My husband has to come find me in one of their four beds and remind me that I’m still a wife too!” said Heidi.

How many hours are you getting a night?


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