How this chicken egg helped make a human baby

After eight years trying to conceive, one couple used the yolk from a chicken’s egg to make their baby dream come true


After eight years trying to get pregnant and two failed IVF attempts, Leanne and Andy Blackwell successfully became parents after Leanne added chicken egg injections to her fertility treatment.


The treatment, which combines proteins taken from a chicken egg with soy oil, is given by a drip and can help when infertility is caused by problems with the immune system.

Leanne and Andy discovered their inability to conceive and the failure of both IVF attempts was due to their immune systems being incompatible. Leanne’s body kept reacting to the embryos as though they were foreign objects, killing the fertilised eggs before they could grow.

After just one dose of the egg and soy oil “intralipid” solution, Leanne discovered she was pregnant after the couple’s third IVF cycle. And in February this year she gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Martyn.

“We had hit rock bottom. We decided to give IVF one more try with these new drugs and it’s amazing to think that something quite simple has given us our baby,” Leanne said.

“We believe that this treatment is important for women and families,” said Simon Thornton from CARE Fertility, who treated the Blackwells. “We have devoted time to finding answers when nature goes wrong.”

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