1 The Pour

Pour your pancake mix into a lightly greased, non-stick frying pan, and move onto a medium heat. Slowly twist the pan from side to side, ensuring that the mix evenly fills the flat bottom – without running up the sides.


2 The Grip

Now, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and grip the handle firmly with one hand. Make sure you have lots of room in all directions! When you can see the pancake is starting to cook around the edges, remove the pan and step back from the hob.

3 The Slide

Gently slide your now-cooked pancake back and forth in the pan to make sure it’s not sticking.


4 The Flip

As the pancake touches the far side of the frying pan, use your wrist only to quickly flick the pancake directly upwards. The trick is to keep your eye on the pancake at all times.

5 The Catch

Stand firm and keep calm! Your pancake should now easily slap back into the frying pan. If this first one has gone well, repeat The Flip step with more gusto, flipping higher and higher and catching the pancake as gracefully as possible. The perfect pancake!

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Thanks to Betty Crocker for these fine, flipping tips