Baby name inspiration can come from anywhere… your favourite flower, your granny’s middle name or even a character from Game of Thrones – anything goes.


But what if your fiancé decided to name your child after his ex-girlfriend?

Well, that’s exactly what happened to one first-time mum who shared her story on Reddit.

“He suggested the name, and now I feel like he still has feelings for her,” the post author known only as NameConfusion wrote.

When her fiancé suggested the name Claire for their unborn daughter, she didn’t suspect a thing – she only knew his ex by her nickname, Kaitlyn.

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“What upsets me most about this situation is that I feel like my fiancé has continually lied to/misled me about his relationship with ‘Kaitlyn’,” she said.

"Not once in the two years we've been together has he ever mentioned having feelings for her or them having any history together.

"I'm just now finding out that he has apparently had a crush on her for years, and they even slept together once or twice in the past."

The new mum only found out about her daughter’s namesake after her fiancé's sister said she was surprised with their choice.

"His sister-in-law explained that my fiancé has had a crush on Claire since he was 12," she said.

"She also said that in college he told his parents that Claire was the only woman he ever loved.

"I know that people change over time, and that he made this statement a long time ago, but I can't help but worry that he still feels this way."

The new mum says she now feels she’s “stuck with a name” for her daughter “that my fiancé lied to me and may not even love me as much as his crush”.

Ouch. She’s even reconsidering walking down the aisle in June following the revelation!

Reddit users suggested she not despair and that it’s not too late to change the name.

“Her name is not set in stone, at four weeks old she doesn't know her name. Explain to him that you no longer feel comfortable with the name choice and figure out a way to go about changing it,” one suggested.

What would you do?

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