If you have a strong faith, you might love the idea of giving your little one a spiritual baby name that represents the belief you have.


But even if you don't follow a religion, you may still find these names – from all around the world, and representing many beliefs – really beautiful.

Many of the names here are ethereal and other-worldly, meaning the classic earthly 'boys' and 'girls' labels don't really apply, so we've just featured one list of gender-neutral names.

Take a look and get inspired...

  • Angel - Heavenly bodies from many traditions that guard over us
  • Alo - American Indian word meaning 'spirit'
  • Bodhi - A Sanskrit name meaning 'enlightenment'
  • Cullan - A gaelic word meaning 'spirit of God'
  • Channon - Meaning 'spiritual light'
  • Divinity - Divine nature
  • Eden - The garden where man and woman first lived, in Jewish and Christian tradition
  • Hari - From ancient Hindu scripture, meaning 'sweetness'
  • Mystery - Meaning 'unknown'
  • Nevaeh - 'Heaven' backwards
  • Prayer - Requests to a greater good for help or thanks
  • Sacred - Refers to holy things
  • Shaya - Meaning 'God's gift'
  • Trinity - In three parts
  • Veda - Meaning 'knowledge' or 'wisdom'
  • Zen - Meaning 'meditative state' – represents calm and tranquility
  • Zion - Meaning 'highest point'

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