It’s not the first thing you think about when you’re pregnant; it’s probably not even the 100th.


But after a few stories have been doing the rounds on social media, we’ve started wondering how our partners would react if we started to give birth in the car on the way to the hospital.

Mum-of-3 Kanta Pau found out exactly what her husband would do when she went into labour in the front seat of her car while travelling on the M1.

Husband Amit was driving Kanta from their home in Luton to a hospital in Watford, with their two daughters, 7-year-old Radha and 2-year-old Radhika.

Halfway along the 17-mile journey to hospital “the pain had got worse”, Kanta told ITV.


"We got on the motorway and just after junction 10 on the M1 well, I kind of gave birth."

Kanta realised she was about to give birth when she felt her son crowning.

Amit reached down and could feel his son’s legs; "I was just going past junction 10 of the M1 and then she said 'the baby's come out'.

"I said 'you're joking' and I put my hand down and could feel this baby's leg.

"I did panic but obviously I had to keep it together because my wife was in pain and my two girls were in the car."

Call an ambulance...

So Amit quickly pulled over and called an ambulance. He then helped his wife deliver their son on the hard shoulder of the M1 by junction 10, while talking to the emergency call handler.

But it wasn’t an event-free labour as not only was their newborn son in the breach position, he also had his cord wrapped around his neck.

Thankfully Amit was helped by an ambulance operator on the phone who talked him through how to help Kanta and baby son Rishan arrived safely.

Or just carry on driving...

Of course, not all partners choose to pull over. One prime example was the Texan dad whose first reaction was to make sure his GoPro camera was working so he could film the birth of his son while continuing to drive.

The couple were en route to a birthing centre in Houston, Texas, but the baby just couldn't wait. "It's head, it's just down low," the mother says as he contractions become closer together. "I'm scared I'm gonna have it right here."

Moments later, she throws her head back to scream as the baby crowns. As the mum breathes through her contractions, she delivers the 10lb baby boy herself in the passenger seat while the dad continues to drive. Once the baby is born the woman says repeatedly, "I don't know what to do." Meanwhile, the new dad is whooping and cheering like his sports team just won.

So how do you think your partner would react? And how about you?