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How you can volunteer to help the NHS through coronavirus (even if you're stuck at home)

Without leaving your home, you could join the new NHS Volunteer Responders team today. Here's how...

NHS Volunteers - pregnant and elderly
Published: March 25, 2020 at 4:47 pm

Want to do something to help fight coronavirus but can't think what to do when you're stuck at home with the kids or are self-isolated yourself because you're pregnant?


There's a great way you could help, if you'd like to. The new NHS Volunteer Responders scheme, launched this week by Health Secretary Matt Hancock, is looking for 'Check-in and Chat’ volunteers to sign up.

This role is to phone and chat to people who are in self-isolation and may be feeling very lonely because of it. Many are also likely to be pregnant women and new parents who are feeling nervous about the effect of coronavirus on their pregnancy and babies.

You can do it from home and it could be a nice way to feel like you’re helping and giving back.

To find out more details and register to be a 'Check-in and Chat' volunteer, visit the NHS Volunteer Responders website.

And if you do sign up, we’d love to hear how it goes. Stay safe everyone.




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