Hugh Jackman joins hoards of parents scooting home from school-run

Scooter trend booms as parents take them for a spin once the kids are at school


You know what they say, when the kids are away the parents will play… well that’s not what ‘they’ say at all, but judging by how popular scooters are becoming for parents, it’ll soon be the norm.


You’ve no doubt experienced the scooter trend, as you only need to be in the vicinity of a school to be met with reams of children whizzing by on their jazzed-up scooters. But, past 9am, it’s the parents doing the scooting as they use their kids’ toy to make their way back home.

Doing it for the hunky dads, Wolverine star Hugh Jackman shows there’s something quite manly about hopping on a scooter after waving off his daughter Ava for a day of learning. What with the beanie, slouchy jeans and hoody, we wouldn’t be surprised if Hugh knew how to do a few of the kicks and tricks that the kids do, too.

The world of scooting isn’t a boring one either – there’s plenty of different scooters and accessories to be bought and personalisation to be done. We’d love to see Hugh create his own Wolverine-themed scooter.

Do you scoot home from the school-run? Let us know below…


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