iCandy Peach vs. iCandy Pear?

Which of iCandy’s twin and tandem buggies do you want to be pushing around?


Peach vs. Pear – it might sound like a fruit salad having a fight, but it’s a pushchair debate that’s starting to hot up amongst UK mums.


With iCandy’s latest multi-functional pushchair, the Peach, to be released next month, some mums and mums-to-be are getting rather excited. But others are not impressed. Not because they’re not fans of the UK pushchair company iCandy. In fact, it’s exactly the opposite – it’s because they adore iCandy’s earlier tandem buggy offering, the Pear.

Whether you’re expecting twins, just had a baby but think you won’t stop at one, or are mum to a toddler and with baby No. 2 on the way, the Peach and Pear are pushchairs-come-travel systems that could work for you.

The Pear, which can be used as a single buggy and converted into tandem, is touted as having 20 different options. Also, if you got iCandy’s Apple first time round, you can get a kit to upgrade it to a Pear. You can also turn the Pear into a travel system. MadeForMums had the Pear put through its paces. You can read the full review, see its specifications and write your own comments.

The Peach comes in three combinations: single Peach Stroller, tandem Peach Blossom, or a tandem Peach Blossom Twin – and it can convert from one to the other, too. Our story,
iCandy Peach sneak preview! will fill you in on the features.

Pro-Pear comments have mentioned the Pear’s double front wheels as a great feature in a tandem pushchair, giving it extra stability. And the amazing 20 options the Pear can give is something some mums hold dear. But other mums can’t wait to get their hands on the Peach – it’s said to be the smallest pushchair in this class when folded, which is a pretty big claim to fame, and something many city dwellers or smaller car drivers will adore.


Pear vs. Peach: which iCandy would you like to take for a test run most?


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