Identical twins born a decade apart

Emergency surgery means twins separated by decade, while Britain welcomes first double set of identicals.


The identical twin brothers who were delivered at Tampa General Hospital in Florida both have individual birth dates.


Marcello Valesco, was delivered to proud parents Juan and Margerita Valesco on December 31 2009 at 11:59pm with his younger brother, Stephano Valesco following him a minute later at 12:00pm on the 1 January 2010.

An emergency surgery was carried out, as the twins were not receiving an equal amount of nutrition. The twins were born during the emergency procedure at 30 weeks gestation and were admitted to NICU where they will remain for eight weeks.

The Velasco’s twins were conceived naturally. However, many twins are now born following IVF treatments, which is 20 times more likely to result in multiple pregnancy. For one British couple, Sean and Lisa Kelly, this resulted in not one, but two pairs of twins.

Through IVF treatment the couple had two eggs implanted after which both split, giving them quadruplets – two pairs of identical twins.

The chances of this happening are ten million to one, and this is the first case in British history.

The girls, Heidi, Annabelle, Hannah and Jessica were born on December 27 2009 by caesarean section at the Victoria Royal Infirmary in Newcastle. 


Heidi and Annabelle each weighed 3lb 3oz, Hannah 2lb 11oz and Jessica 2lb 10oz. Father Sean told the Daily Mail, “They took them out so quickly they couldn’t say for sure which baby was twinned with which. We won’t know until we get the blood test results when they are about ten weeks old.” He added, “We may lose some sleep, we may have to tighten our belts…but when you look at those four healthy babies, you realise it’s a small price to pay.”

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