If working dads were given the same advice as working mums – the parody tweets you need to read

If you're too busy to shower use dry shampoo and get up early to make the lunchboxes


A parody Twitter account has been set up to make fun of all the silly advice working mums are given. @manwhohasitall gives “Top tips for men juggling a successful career and fatherhood” – from time-saving beauty routines to ways to get some ‘Me time’, the advice is just hilarious.


The account has racked up over 49,000 followers with its witty lifestyle advice. When applied to men, the advice sounds downright patronising – and is a real eye-opener.

“By reimagining the ‘crap’ that lifestyle publications and advertisements often spout at working mums, @manwhohasitall highlights the tired gender stereotypes used to characterise women in the workforce today,” the anonymous creator of @manwhohasitall told the Huffington Post.

Speaking in character, the account’s creator added: “Don’t get me wrong, I’m absolutely fine with dads who work. It boosts their self-esteem and gives them an identity beyond just ‘dad.'”


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