If you’ve ever wondered what your unborn baby does all day – now you know

Rubbing eyes, yawning and waving - this is a breathtaking 4D baby scan video


It’s your first chance to get a glimpse of what your baby might look like, so no matter how distorted those ultrasound images are, baby scan photos are so precious. Does she have my nose? Is that an arm? Is she sucking her thumb?


Usually after a scan, peering at the blurry image, we’re left wondering.

But the mum of this little one must have been left in no doubt what her baby looks like – and what she’s up to – following her scan, because the resulting 4D video is so detailed.

Watch the video in full here…

4D Ultrasound

A baby seen from the inside, Amazing Video!Signup to our site: MeddyBear.Net/Signup Source: Meddy Bear – Ukraine

Posted by Meddy Bear on Saturday, 19 December 2015

The baby can be seen yawning and at one point she’s kicking so much she looks like she’s doing a dance! Clearly feeling tired after all that exertion, she can also be giving a huge yawn.


It’s really amazing to see the baby so clearly – definitely explains what all those kicks and flutters are about…

Since being shared on Facebook, the video has since gone viral – being viewed over 5.8 million times.

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