Could IKEA baby names really be the hottest trend for 2018?

Would you choose any of these names for your little one?


Good old IKEA – and with a long (and super rainy for lots of us) Bank Holiday weekend just behind us, we reckon there’s a fair chance some of you spent a bit of time in there over the last few days ?


But would you ever have thought the furniture superstore would have become a popular inspiration for a whole new generation of baby names?

According to a mum blogging at BabyCentre, that’s exactly what it could be about to happen doing, as she claims to have found LOADS of ‘charming Scandi’ baby names in the IKEA catalogue.

Hmmmm….. want to know what some of them are? Here we go….

Baby names inspired by Ikea furniture lines 

  • Malm
  • Tarva
  • Ingo
  • Cilla
  • Franklin
  • Tobias 
  • Stefan
  • Ivar
  • Tobias
  • Stig
  • Fredde
  • Sommar
  • Norna
  • Malinda
  • Elly
  • Henrika
  • Johanne
  • Mata
  • Mydal

Now, we have to say, not everyone’s convinced these names will take off. Commenting on the article one person quipped: “Naming your child after the piece of furniture on which you conceived it is a bit naff.”

While another joked, “I have two children – 34 and 32. We didn’t like any names at the time so named them after the menu numbers of our favourite meals in the local Chinese.”


Jokes aside, here at MFM HQ we have to say we actually quite like some of the ‘IKEA names’ (though we should also point out most of these were obviously names before they were ever furniture).

Are there any you fancy? And if so, would you go as far as choosing one of them for your newborn? Perhaps you already have?

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