IKEA cot safety alert – UK parents not affected

US and Canadian parents urged to check if their IKEA SNIGLAR cot is affected.


A safety alert about IKEA SNIGLAR cots (also referred to as cribs) has been issued in the USA and Canada. About 26,000 have been sold in the two countries from October 2005 until June last year.


The problem is that four of the bolts that secure the mattress support aren’t the right length. The bolts are too short, and there’s a risk of a child becoming trapped and suffocating if the mattress support detaches, said Reuters Canada.

It’s important to note there have been no injuries reported. However, IKEA, Health Canada and the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) have taken voluntary and precautionary safety measures. They’ve urged mums and dads to stop using the cots and check the mattress support bolts extend through the nut. If they don’t, IKEA can provide a free repair kit.

So what does this mean for UK parents? We spoke to IKEA’s UK press office, and found out the problem doesn’t affect us here. “The recall activities are only performed in the markets that received this particular delivery – Canada, US and Dominican Republic,” an IKEA spokesperson explains. “All SNIGLAR cots delivered to IKEA UK stores have been supplied in strict compliance with IKEA requirements and are safe to use,” IKEA tells us.


If you purchased SNIGLAR cot in America, and have since moved to the UK, make sure you follow the safety advice and check your crib before you use it again.

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