IKEA fighting child poverty with toys

For every soft toy bought, €1 will given to help the world’s poorest kids


It’s that time of year again: in the run-up to Christmas, for every soft toy you buy, IKEA will donate €1 to projects to help children living in poverty. And it doesn’t matter how cheap the toys is, you could spend 39p or close to £10, and IKEA will still give that euro!


IKEA has be running the annual ‘One euro is a fortune’ campaign since 2005, and given that last year alone it sold 5.4 million toys in the lead up to Christmas, you start to appreciate how quickly those euros add up.

The money goes to UNICEF and Save the Children education projects.


To find out more about the campaign and how the money is used, head to IKEA’s ‘One euro is a fortune’.

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