Ill dad ‘banks’ bedtime stories for son

Father takes radical steps to record his voice so that Motor Neurone Disease won't stop him speaking to his toddler


Motor Neurone Disease (MND) sufferer, Laurence Brewer, 43, has turned to pioneering technology, to enable him to ‘bank’ his voice. This will allow him to continue to read to his 13-month-old son, Stan, as his illness progresses.


The Model Talker voice software will preserve Laurence’s voice, in preparation for when his MND causes him to lose the power of speech. Up to 1,600 phrases and sentences can be ‘banked’ using the software.

Laurence, who was diagnosed with the degenerative illness three years ago, told the Daily Mail, “If my voice goes within the next six months Stan might not recognise me, recognise my voice particularly, and also in five years time if I have the voice banked then he can hear what I sounded like… So it’s a memory.” 


Laurence’s story will be shown on BBC One’s Inside Out North West tonight. 

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