“I’m desperate to lose baby weight,” says Sara Cox

Pregnant DJ plans belly blitzing dance classes to get her figure back

She’s not even given birth yet but pregnant Radio 1 DJ Sara Cox is already thinking about shedding her post-baby weight.


Sara, 35, mum to Lola, 4, and Isaac, 1, is expecting her third baby in Spring and admits she hasn’t been able to resist indulging in her cravings for Wispa Golds and egg mayo sandwiches. But the guilt is setting in and she’s already made plans to blitz her baby weight gain at dance classes.

“With my first two I was in maternity jeans for months after,” Sara told Closer magazine. “The weight doesn’t fall off, I have to work at it. As usual, with this pregnancy I’m all bump and boobs – but I’ve got a muffin top too!”

She may be making bulge busting plans but Sara, who took six months to slim down to her pre-pregnancy size after her first two children, said she’s in no hurry to shed the weight. “It’s important to me to lose my baby weight, I feel much better when I’m slimmer. I’m not in any rush though.”


While Sara’s planning her post-birth exercise regime find out which slimline celeb made it through pregnancy without even having to invest in maternity clothes!

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