Imogen Thomas’ baby ‘stopped kicking’ after car collision

The former Celebrity Big Brother contestant tweeted her panic for unborn baby after accident


Imogen Thomas tweeted that her baby had “stopped kicking” following a car accident in London. The mum-of-1, who’s pregnant with her second child, told fans she heading straight to see a midwife after the collision.


Imogen, 32, was in the back of a taxi with her manager in Wandsworth, South West London at around 3pm yesterday when a second vehicle collided with the car.


“Can’t believe we just crashed in our taxi. On my side too. Shaking…feel all shocked with @CharlotteFYoung,” she tweeted. And the expectant mum understandably started to worry about her unborn baby. “I feel all shook up. Just on my way to see the midwife now to make sure baby is ok cause I haven’t felt her kick,” she tweeted.

But thankfully both mother and baby are now fine. “Imogen was with her manager in an Addison Lee on our way back from an event, when a vehicle crashed into the side of the car (rear passenger where Imogen was seated),” A representative for Imogen told the Daily Mail. “Currently mother and baby are fine and have been checked over by the doctor.”

Imogen announced that she was expecting a second daughter with boyfriend Adam Horsley’s second in May. The couple are already parents to Ariana, 2.

She revealed earlier this month that her second baby was also due to be a girl.

“I really wanted another girl – I just can’t see myself with a boy!” she told new! magazine.

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