Incredible bravery of 11-year-old who’s stopped cancer treatment

Very occasionally, a story makes you stop in your tracks. This is one of those...


A young boy with cancer, who has been working through a bucket list of wishes, has decided to refuse further medical treatment.


Reece Puddington, 11, has been fighting neuroblastoma for the last 6 years, but has now bravely turned down the chance of taking a new drug that could prolong his life a little.

Instead Reece from Whitstable, Kent, wants to die peacefully at home.

He’s been charting his own remarkable story on his Facebook page.

Posting on his Facebook page he said: “After the latest scan results, I was sent home to rest and think over the two possible options.

“I could opt for another trial but this would mean travelling a lot to the hospital and coping with the side effects but could also hopefully extend my life.

“Or I could simply do nothing, stay at home and let nature take its course which would lead to me losing my life slightly earlier than if I’d had more treatment.

“My mum had always hoped over the last 5 to 6 years that she would have the courage to know when enough was enough. After careful consideration, my mum thought that if she was doing it for herself she would keep sending me for treatment as she wouldn’t want to let me go but if she was doing it for me she’d let me go. Well, she’s letting me go.”

Reece’s bucketlist of wishes included meeting actor Johnny Depp, visiting Sun City in South Africa, eating a Whetherspoons breakfast and having a Hobbit house built in his back garden.

He has seen most of his wishes granted after a worldwide fund-raising campaign was launched. 

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