This incredible photograph shows 11-day-old boy twins meeting for the very first time outside the womb. And although it's a beautiful photo, it's also a very sad one.


Twins Hawk and Mason had been separated when they were born as Hawk was very ill. Diagnosed with a rare condition, Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia, Hawk was put on a ventilator in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) in a Florida hospital.

It was a nurse who suggested putting the twins together. But not to comfort Hawk - instead to soothe Mason who'd been fussing that day.

“The nurse said ‘Why don’t you try laying him down next to Hawk,’” mum Brandy Guettler explained to TV channel CBS12. “So we laid him there and all of the sudden as soon as he felt Hawk, he reached his arm out and grabbed him and just started to smile. The two of them knew they were there for each other.”

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Mason and Hawk’s parents, Brandy and Tommy, had been posting photos of Hawk on their Facebook page, asking for prayers for their little fighter. But when they shared this photo, their followers grew to 35,000 – all well-wishers hoping for positive updates on Hawk’s health.

The caption beside it read:

“This picture was taken 11 days after they were born, it's the first time they have ever touched and as soon as Mason felt Hawk he reached out for his arm and smiled this big.

“We thought it was time for everyone pulling for our boy to see this picture.”

But sadly, Hawk's condition was very serious and he died just days after the photo was taken.

Hawk's parents updated their Facebook page: “Our hearts are saddened this morning as our sweet little man was called home to be with Jesus. He went very peacefully and we know he's no longer suffering. Please give us some time to grieve and try to start the healing process."

We hope that Hawk's family will be able to find some comfort in their incredible photograph. We’re sure both Mason and his parents will treasure it always.


Images: Facebook

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