Infertile woman gives birth after twin donates her ovary

Turner Syndrome sufferer breaks records and becomes a mum after an ovarian transplant from her sister


An infertile woman, who has chromosome disorder Turner Syndrome, has given birth to a healthy baby girl after her twin sister, who also suffers from the condition, donated her ovary.


Karine Thiriot, 39, had no ovaries of her own and had been trying to conceive using IVF for 15 years. Her twin sister Stephanie, who has a ‘mosaic’ form of Turner Syndrome, was able to conceive as the syndrome only affected some of her cells.

Stephanie donated an ovary to her sister. Last month, Karine gave birth to a baby girl named Victoria.

“Mother and baby are doing well,” said Dr Guy Kerbrat, from the Le Chesnay hospital in Paris, reports the Daily Mail. “Victoria is totally normal and doesn’t have Turner Syndrome.”

It is the first transplant in the world between twins with Turner Syndrome.


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