We love seeing bump comparison shots here at MFM ?


Especially when the bumps involved are single bumps AND twin bumps – because often the differences really are amazing.

But these 2 bumps, from pregnant mum-of-one Dea Maguire, look almost identical, right?

In this case, there aren’t that many differences in shape and size, but there is a big difference in how far along she is in each shot!

Taking to Instagram to share her bump journey, Dea revealed she was 22 weeks into her 1st, single pregnancy in the left photo.

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But in the second (right), you can see how her current baby bump is, 17 weeks into her twin pregnancy.

“When your 22 week belly with baby #1 is being rivalled by your 17 week tum with twins! Oh my!” she joked in the caption.

For those of us who’ve carried both twins and a single baby, this side-by-side snap will definitely ring true. Right?

But for the rest of us, it’s simply a reminder that no 2 baby bumps, even our own, are ever exactly the same.

Thanks for sharing, Dea ?

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Images: Instagram/mummadea_fitpreggojourney

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