Introduce eggs early to avoid allergy, suggests new research

The later a baby is introduced to eggs, the more likely they are to become allergic, according to Aussie researchers


Children should be introduced to foods such as eggs from an earlier age in order to avoid developing an allergy to them, say researchers from Australia.


The scientists looked at 2,500 babies and found that those introduced to eggs between the age of 4 to 6 months were three times less likely to develop an allergy to eggs than those who had their first egg as a 1-year-old, reports ABC News.

“There is quite a striking difference and we at first thought it may be due to something related to their risk factors from a family history point of view,” explained Associate Professor Katie Allen, lead author of the study.

“But we actually looked at those who had no family history of allergy, those who had no personal history of eczema and we found the effect was not only there but even stronger,” said Professor Katie.

The report also suggested that the difference in developing an allergy was five fold depending on how the egg was cooked.


“We know that the egg allergen which is the way that the body recognises it as an allergy is destroyed by cooking and so the partial change to the cooking can actually make it into a safer product,” said Professor Katie.

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