Is a lack of discipline at home to blame for bad behaviour at school?

Teachers warn of an increase of bad behaviour and disruption at school, claiming parents don’t teach their children to respect their elders


Bad behaviour in schools has increased over the last two years with many teachers feeling a lack of discipline at home is to blame, the Guardian reports.


Teachers have reported suffering physical violence, with 28% of 814 teachers surveyed admitting they’ve had violence directed at them. A further 29% revealed they’ve had to act to stop a pupil attacking a colleague.

“It is not surprising to see that poor behaviour is often attributed to problems at home,” Mary Bousted, general secretary of the Association of Teachers and Lecturers. She claims pupils are not taught to take responsibility for their learning and many disregard school rules because they know teachers have limited ways to punish them.

Of the teachers polled, 87% said they have to deal with children misbehaving on a regular basis. So-called low-level disruption is often the main problem. Children not paying attention, being disrespectful, using their phones, all causes continued disruption to lessons.

One teacher said, “Pupils know that there is little school staff can do to enforce discipline. They are not afraid.” Another teacher added, “behaviour is not helped by the lack of respect that parents show towards staff in school – there is no wonder that some pupils are rude when this is what they see as a role model.”

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