Is Kate Middleton expecting a baby boy?

The secret of the Duchess' second baby's sex lies in her wardrobe, apparently…


Remember how Kate Middleton was rumoured to be expecting a baby sister for Prince George? Well, scrap that: the latest goss is that the Duchess of Cambridge is definitely having a second boy.


This is based on the highly scientific study of… Kate’s maternity wardrobe. We’re not kidding.

Kate has worn a blue coat on 2 different occasions in recent months, so apparently, she ‘hinting at the baby’s sex’ , according to OK! magazine and various other sites.

Hmm, we say in response. Blue really suits Kate, so why shouldn’t she wear it without it being some subtly coded way to let us know we won’t be getting a baby princess any time soon? 


But there is something the Duchess wants us to know about her baby-to-be: he or she is particularly wriggly.

While out on a recent royal engagement, opening the the new Kensington Leisure Centre in London, Kate chatted to teenager Martina McDonagh. “It’s moving all the time,” Kate told Martina. “I can feel it kicking now.”

And, according to Martina, Kate also let slip that she and husband Prince William are keen to keep the sex of their baby a surprise, like they did with 17-month-old Prince George.

So there you go: if Kate herself doesn’t even know if she’s carrying a boy or a girl, those ‘wardrobe messages’ really are the stuff of royal rumour overdrive!

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