Is Michael Jackson’s 16-year-old daughter Paris pregnant?

Rumours appear on US gossip sites that teenager Paris may be expecting her first baby


At just 16-years-old and not having had the easiest of childhoods, it can’t be much fun being Paris Jackson right now as pregnancy rumours abound after she was apparently spotted with a ‘baby bump’.


Given that the poor girl was at a dinner when fans noted what appeared to be a swollen belly, surely the truth is much more likely to be a stomach full of carbs than a bun in the oven?

Gossip websites in the States also cite the fact the teen was sipping water rather than wine at the function as another sure sign of impending motherhood. So fast were the rumours, that no one stopped to consider that she’s only 16 and you have to be over 21 to buy alcohol Stateside…

Paris is not the only one to provoke a media pregnancy frenzy by showing a little tummy. Regular stories appear celebrities including Keira Knightley, Beyonce and Nicole Richie. Of course, the biggest ‘Is she/isn’t she’ scrum has been around the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton – who has announced today that she is expecting her second royal baby!

Meanwhile, tabloid newspapers in America are reporting that Paris and her boyfriend – whose name she has not released to the media – were seen shopping for engagement rings last week. 

A spokesperson for the Jackson family refused to comment on the pregnancy or engagement rumours, and said that they do not discuss Paris’s ‘personal life’. 

Let’s hope whatever the story is, Paris gets the privacy and support a girl of her age needs and deserves.

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