Is milk better than water?

Research, funded by milk company, claims milk is more thirst-quenching for children than water


Milk may be better at quenching children’s thirst than water, according to new research in North America.


The study, funded by Dairy Farmers of Canada, found that the white stuff was more hydrating than water and was particularly good after exercise for replacing lost sodium.

“Children become dehydrated during exercise, and it’s important they get enough fluids, particularly before going into a second round of a game,” explained Brian Timmons, who lead the study. “Milk is better than either a sports drink or water because it is a source of high quality protein, carbohydrates, calcium and electrolytes,” he added.

Although we can’t help but take the findings with a pinch of salt, thanks to who funded the research, we do concede that milk is great for growing toddlers and children, containing plenty of calcium. But as water has no calories and is naturally sugar-free, milk certainly shouldn’t be totally replacing it in children’s diets.

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