Is Natasha Hamilton’s baby on the way?

Atomic Kitten singer has night of Braxton Hicks contractions


Natasha Hamilton has hinted she could be in for an early labour.


The Atomic Kitten singer isn’t due until September but tweeted that she was having Braxton Hicks contractions.

“A whole night of Braxton hicks…. I would describe that as a very uncomfortable night’s sleep & they’re still going on…. is it nearly time?” she tweeted.

Braxton Hicks (sometimes called practice contractions) are completely normal and can actually be felt as early as 16 weeks into pregnancy – although many mums never have them at all. They’re often painless but it’s more common to experience uncomfortable Braxton Hicks if you’ve had a baby before.

If the baby does arrive early then Natasha and her 5ive singer boyfriend Ritchie Neville are prepared.

“We just did the crib! ok…Rich did the crib and I kinda stuck around for moral support;) x,” Natasha tweeted.

And they’ve already got their baby name sorted too. The couple announced that they’ll call their baby girl Ella last month.

But for now, the couple are enjoying the calm before the storm and went on a babymoon to Paris last week.

“Off on a trip to Paris which Rich surprised me with for my birthday, romance, culture & food I mainly can’t eat,” she joked on Twitter alongside a selfie from the train.

Photo: Twitter / Natasha Hamilton

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