Is Princess Charlotte really ‘sleeping through’ at 5 weeks?

Granddad Prince Charles seems to think so - but just how many hours is the royal baby sleeping for?


When you’re a sleep-deprived new mum, the one thing that’s likely to tip you over the edge of sanity is when someone proudly announces that their new baby is “sleeping through the night” (unless you’re one of those lucky ones whose baby did). 


So when it comes to your turn to answer “Is your baby sleeping through?” there are a few ways to reply (most of which we can’t publish). And we imagine if proud Granddad, Prince Charles, asked Kate Middleton the same question, she may have said, “Oh yes, she’s very good.”

Whether she’s sleeping through from 10pm to 6am, from midnight until 5am or doesn’t make a peep from 1am until 4am we don’t know. But at just 5 weeks old, we think it’s more likely to be the latter than the former. We certainly know the term “sleeping through” is rather loose in definition. 

Recalling what Prince Charles told him at a World War II Veterans event at Clarence House, a guest told the Press Association: “He was saying Princess Charlotte does sleep through the night and it was much easier on mum than Prince George.”

Well, the second baby is often easier, right? Also George has turned out ok. Just look how sweet he is to his baby sister in these pictures taken by mum Kate.


If what Granddad says is right, it seems Charlotte’s sleeping habits must have got a lot better in the last couple of weeks. Last month the captain of the England women’s football team, Steph Houghton, spoke to Prince William and revealed afterwards that “he was saying he’s obviously really enjoying being a father and Princess Charlotte is actually keeping him up – and probably why his eyes are looking a little bit tired”.

Princess Charlotte is due to be christened on July 5 – so hopefully everyone gets a good night’s sleep before the big day!

Photos: Twitter / Kensington Palace

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