Is Rochelle having a baby boy?

JLS band member, Oritise, reveals Marvin and Rochelle may be having a boy


When you know a baby’s sex, it can be a tricky task having to keep it under wraps. Proving this theory, is JLS band member, Oritse, who has let slip that Marvin and Rochelle are having a baby boy.


Just weeks away from her due date, the parents-to-be have done a good job at keeping schtum about the baby’s sex. Although a parade of pink balloons spotted at Rochelle’s blingtastic baby shower did lead us to believe they were expecting a girl.

Interviewd by OMG! last night on the red carpet, Oritse blabbed: “I’m so excited to be ‘uncle Oritse’, I’m still thinking of all the things I want to buy for it. We have the JLS tour planned, he’s coming on tour, we’re going to spoil him.”

Dropping the clangers, “he” and “him”, the confused interviewer questioned whether this meant that Rochelle is having a boy, to which he quickly replied, “Er……. I didn’t say that, did I?”

Errr, looks like you did Oritse! Perhaps it is all part of a masterplan to throw us off the pink/blue scent, or maybe Rochelle is having a boy. Either way, the new addition is set to make an appearance in the next few weeks. Boy or girl, it is certainly going to be one gorgeous baby!

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