Mum-to-be and Saturdays star Rochelle Humes has revealed that, despite donning heels to perform, she slipping her feet into ballet pumps and slippers the rest of the time.


“The girls are sick of those slippers,” said Rochelle, in an interview on ITV show Lorraine.

Rochelle, who’s around 7 months pregnant, revealed that she’s prepared for the birth and is making sure she has her notes with her just in case.

“I’ve got 8 weeks left, so it’s gone so quick,” she said.

“I’m carrying my notes everywhere with me because I’m really scared we might be somewhere and all of a sudden I’ll be like girls, catch,” she joked.

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The mum-to-be was thrilled when she was presented with a ‘Future Popstar’ babygro by Lorraine.

“Great to see everyone at DayBreak and Lorraine. Now a quick birthday lunch and shop with the bday boy then back to the girls :-) x” Rochelle tweeted, as she headed to celebrate JLS singer hubby Marvin’s 27th birthday.

According to The Metro Rochelle revealed to HEAT magazine that the JLS boys are really excited about the baby, including Aston.

“Aston’s already like, ‘When the baby’s born, I’m going to take the baby about in my car,’ and I’m like, ‘No, you’re not!’” Rochelle said.

“He’s already bought baby Converse – he bought a white pair in case it’s a girl, and a black pair in case it’s a boy, and put crystals down the side. He’s obsessed. He keeps buying things.”

It seems as if Rochelle is really excited to welcome her first child into the world!


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