Is third trimester Lily Allen trying to kick start labour?

From curry to castor oil, we explore how pregnant Lily could be trying to bring on labour


Pregnant Lily Allen seems like she’s trying to naturally induce her labour, with some telling tweets.


Lily, who is pregnant with her and husband Sam Cooper’s second baby, tweeted over Christmas that she didn’t intend to spend much of this year pregnant, and that she’d tried castor oil to help baby number two along.

This week Lily’s turned to an old classic, writing, “3rd curry this week… nothing #cosywomb”.

We bargain Lily is circling her due date and have been pondering the other methods she could use to see the arrival of her second mini-Cooper. Lily and Sam could try having sex, which is thought to work because semen contains prostaglandins (also contained in the pessary often used in an induction to soften the cervix ready for labour). Away from the spicy curry Lily could also try pineapple, which also contains a cervix-softening enzyme. Importantly this should be fresh pineapple (and a fair bit of it), as the canning process destroys this enzyme.

Conversely, both a brisk walk and a hot bath are both said to help induce labour. A brisk walk is said to help push your baby’s head against the cervix and promote labour, just make sure you don’t overdo it. Rest is just as important in the few days leading up to birth. Taking a warm bath is thought to help reduce any tension that could be stopping labour from starting. Plus, adding some Jasmine oil and Clary Sage is thought to help strengthen contractions.

Acupuncture and reflexology may also help start labour, but is not normally advised until you’ve passed your due date. It can take a few goes at acupuncture and while reflexology can help after one go, it’s a good idea to have a few sessions leading up to your due date. Discuss both with your midwife before giving these a go.

A couple of others that can be done from the comfort of your own home include raspberry leaf tea, which can you can drink or take as a tablet, as well as herbs (such as Black Cohosh and Blue Cohosh) which shouldn’t be used until you’re past your due date as they aren’t thought safe in early pregnancy. Chat to a reputable herbal practitioner for more advice. 


Do you have any other home remedies for Lily? What worked for you? Let us know below…

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