In case you missed it, peach baby bums have become THE hottest new baby pic trend on social media - at least in the last week - thanks to an Instagram competition by Japanese company Kodomono which took a rather strange twist.


The company asked parents to share pictures of their children that they wanted to keep and, after a couple of posters randomly uploaded pics of their little ones with fruit covering their bottoms, it quickly became a thing.

It's mainly peaches being used - though there are a few other fruits out there taking the limelight too - we've seen the odd cherry and apple pics, for example. Oh yes.

Japanese fans are loving the craze, but in the UK people aren't so sure.

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When the story was shared in the Daily Mail, it generated comments like this one:

"See the thing is it's funny the first time. Then it become a bit naff and like the parents are a) attention seeking and b) love to jump on the bandwagon."

And: "Gross, no one wants to see that."

The team here at MFM are no strangers to baby photo trends - we've had our finger on the pulse of all of them - most recently the baby brows and the cheerio stacking crazes.

And one of our biggest ever Facebook posts (by several million) was eerily reminiscent of the peach bums - baby onesies with 'fake' bottoms - also from Japan.

While we can see these peachy bums are kind of funny - they're also a bit uncomfy.

Funny and cute or just a bit odd? What do you think? Tell us in the comments below or over on Facebook.

Photos: Kodomono_photos on Instagram

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