Is this Jessica Biel’s baby bump?

Pregnancy rumours could mean Justin Timberlake is about to become a dad


Rumours are circulating that Jessica Biel is pregnant and apparently this is the picture that sparked it all off. Justin Timberlake’s wife was spotted doing a spot of mirror ball shopping in LA, as you do. And a gust of wind flapped her shirt open to reveal *gasp* a hint of a belly.


Now, we’re the first ones to hold our hands up and say, she could have just had a big breakfast. But, when dissecting a celebrity pregnancy rumour, there’s always other evidence to consider.

First off, it’s currently about 26°C in LA, so there’s really not much need for a woolly scarf. Unless you’re an A-lister trying to conceal the first hint of a baby bump, that is.

Secondly, the 32-year-old has just celebrated her 2-year wedding anniversary with Justin. So now they’ve enjoyed their first 2 years of married life alone, perhaps they think it’s time to make their twosome a threesome?

Third, a source has told Hollywood Life that Jessica is “more than ready to become a mom”. 

“Her friends are waiting for the good news to be confirmed,” the source said. “Jessica is being extremely private right now, but it’s no secret that she and Justin have been trying for a while to get pregnant. Jessica is more than ready to become a mom, it’s something she wants badly.”

So are you convinced? Well, we’re just not sure. Only time will tell!

Photo: FameFlyNet UK

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