A 2015 ad lead by a Danish travel company is being touted as the reason behind Denmark’s upcoming baby boom.


Denmark famously has a very low birth rate – at 1.7 births per woman in 2014, according to World Bank Data. This has a knock-on effect for the rest of the country, the Danish welfare system and public services.

So, how did they combat this issue? By releasing a string of TV campaigns nationally the following year to encourage the Danish to begin making babies again.

The ‘Do It For Mom’ campaign by Spies Travel is especially funny – asking mums to send their kids on an ‘active holiday’ in order to get them to… you know!

“If they won’t do it for Denmark, they’ll definitely do it for mom,” the ad jokes, alongside clips of a forlorn, grey-haired mum, looking longingly into the distance, desperate for a grandbaby.

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It’s a funny concept - one we reckon some wannabe grandparents will appreciate - so it’s no surprise that this particular vid has been viewed over 7.8 million times.

But it is a surprise that the campaigns seem to have worked! According to The Local, a Danish newspaper, 1,200 more babies will be born in the summer of 2016 than in the previous year.

This figure comes from research done by another Danish title, Politiken.

Okay, so there’s no physical proof that the campaigns are actually responsible, but the timings do add up.

Copenhagen’s Deputy Health Minister, Ninna Thomsen, told TV2 News: "You probably can’t ascribe the increase in births to our campaign, but it’s definitely a feather in our cap if the campaign has had a positive effect."

She also revealed that the campaigns "certainly resulted in people getting plenty of fertility advice".

Regardless, it’s good news for Denmark all around. Their birth rate sees a small increase, and a few eager mums finally get to be grandparents! LOL ?

Image/Video: YouTube/Spies Travel

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