Of course, every age and stage with a child is a joy and a blessing ?


But, there are a couple of phases that are pretty well known for being a bit more, shall we say, challenging, than the others.

One is the newborn phase, when you've probs no idea what your doing half the time and are suffering from a serious lack of zzzzs.

The other is the infamous terrible twos, when the tantrums begin but your little one's not quite old enough to reason with.

Though a tweet shared by celeb Chrissy Teigen, mum to 18-month-old Luna, gave us a reminder that there is another stage that can come with its trials and tribulations, too:

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She hasn't even experienced the terrible twos, yet she already knows what's to come with a threenager ?

Here at MFM HQ a few of us nodded in agreement that we thought we'd got past the difficult stage when our child got to 3, but soon realised we'd had it easy...

Another reckoned the nothing compared to the newborn baby stage, not least because of the interrupted nights and trying to get used to a totally different life with a whole new human being in tow.

What do you think?

Toddler or threenager stage? Did you find one of them particularly hard? Tell us in the comments below or over on Facebook

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