Ah, baby weight. Losing it is different for everyone. You might be determined to get your baby in the crèche so you can hit the cross-trainer.


Or you're happier with a stroll around the park and some cheese on toast afterwards. It's a personal choice and we all have different metabolisms too.

So what has Kate Middleton done to get back to her usual slender self after giving birth to her second child Princess Charlotte in May 2015?


"I am running after my kids!" she breezed, when asked how she lost the baby weight by Professor Bulbul Dhar-James, a guest at a party the Duchess of Cambridge attended in India, according to People.

Wait, what? Is Prince George doing 5km laps of the park or something? We're not sure how much "running" around we really do after our kids.

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I mean, sure they keep us busy - but in between trips to the park or dashes upstairs for more baby wipes - we're reaching for the sugary snacks to keep our energy levels up.


We reckon Kate might just have thought it was quite a personal question to be asked by a stranger - and so made a polite response.

But are we wrong? Does running around after the kids really make a difference to your weight? Let us know in the comments below.

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