When it comes to teaching very young children about the birds and the bees, we're all going to have our own opinions on the best way to go about it ??


Though it seems lots of people are in agreement that the Aussie sex-ed book The Amazing True Story Of How Babies Are Made by Fiona Katauskas is a little 'inappropriate'.

People have flocked to social media to say how they just don't agree with some of the more on-the-nose drawings in the book...

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They're also not crazy about the language, which goes beyond talking about eggs and sperm, and describes the act of 'love-making'.

"Okaaaaayyyy...can someone please tell me why the hell is this sold in Kmart Australia under the kids section? Look at the photos and the words!! Wtffffff???! ??" wrote one on Facebook.

"Omg really? There is time for all this crap, just let kids be kids they don't need to know the finer details," added another.

While one saw the funny side: "Omg I had to laugh but seriously this is inappropriate to be in a kids' section."

On the other hand, there are a fair few out there who've instead praised Fiona's book for its honesty. Kids have got to learn somehow, right?

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Do you think this book is too graphic for small children? And do you have a book or approach you'd recommend for teaching little ones about how babies are made?

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