Forget the dog ate it: here’s the best EVER reason for not doing homework

Definitely #nothumblebragging


Ah, homework: yes, at some point or other pretty much every kid out there has to make up an excuse for why they haven’t been able to hand it in.


But how about this? One mum wrote to her daughter’s teacher explaining why her little treasure hadn’t managed to get her homework in on time and posted it on Imgur. It read:


So, there you go – forget ‘My little brother flushed it down the loo’, ‘Great Aunty Beryl made an unexpected visit’ or ‘There was a surprise UFO invasion in the back garden’…

We are pretty impressed with this one as excuses go – but to be frank here at MFM, *ahem* our kids ALWAYS get their homework done on time… (yeah right, who are we kidding?)

What’s been your best excuse for your child’s homework being late? Let us know in the comments below.

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