Picture the scene. Angeline is strolling along the beach (looking fabulous) while her husband Dan Mozer tries to take photos of her pregnancy.


Ok, stand to the side just like that… now smile… perfect!

Then, looking back at the picture on his camera, his jaw drops.

The shot is more amazing than he could EVER imagine… because a dolphin photobombed her at just the right moment.


We honestly can't believe it. What a picture!

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It really is just magic.

Dolphins are not just highly intelligent mammals, but they often mean something special to pregnant women – because they can use their ultrasound to detect when humans are pregnant.

In the spiritual world they're a symbol of peace, harmony and protection – so what a lovely photo for the mum to have with her unborn child.

We bet the baby will love the special photo when he or she is older!

Photo: Instagram / news4jax

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