Is this the most heartbreaking new dad pic ever?

Father cradles his newborn daughter minutes after learning of his wife's death in childbirth


Aw, what a beautiful pic of a first-time dad cuddling his newborn daughter! But (hug your babies hard), there’s heart-tuggingly more to this pic that meets the eye – because this dad’s just lost his wife, and the baby her mum.


And hundreds of strangers, moved by the story behind the pic, have donated money to help the man and his baby cope with the difficult road ahead of them.

The dad, Glynn Sheppard, from New South Wales in Australia, posted the pic on Facebook just after his wife, Amanda, died – after suffering complications during baby Willa’s C-section delivery.

Glynn is giving his new daughter skin-on-skin contact because Amanda never had the chance to.

A friend and neighbour of the Sheppards, Teagan Govaars, started a GoFundMe page to help support Glynn and Willa financially. So far, over £14,000 has been raised in just 9 days.

Teagan wrote on the page about how Amanda and Glynn had been ‘filled full of happiness and excitement’ at the prospect of having their first baby.

Amanda Sheppard, pregnant, and on her wedding day

“This day was supposed to be one of the best and happiest days of Amanda and Glynn’s lives,” she wrote. “Instead, Amanda has now left her beloved husband Glynn and brand new baby Willa behind.

“Times right now are hard for husband Glynn and their families, and my heart is aching for them through this hard time. So I’m starting this to raise a little money to help them out a little with whatever it may be that they need.”

When he saw how generously strangers were responding to Teagan’s words, heartbroken dad Glynn wrote on the page, too.

“Willa and I, as well as all our family, would like to extend sincere appreciation to all the kind and caring people in this world.

“I know Amanda would be proud to know that people – even complete strangers – love her, since she would have done the same.”

Gulp. How sad – and moving – is this?

If you’d like to donate, you can do so here.

Pictures: Glynn Sheppard/GoFundMe

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