Is this the quickest birth ever? Born in under a minute!

Scunthorpe mum Jessica delivered her 2nd baby in doorway of a hospital... and it was all captured on CCTV!


For some of us, labour can take hours. For a few of us, it can even take days.


So we’re always a bit shocked ? when we hear a story like this.

Mum-of-two Jessica Stubbins, from Scunthorpe, appeared on Good Morning Britain to tell the amazing tale of the recent birth of her youngest daughter, Lucy – which happened in a hospital doorway in under 1 minute.

Jessica told GMB that she and husband Tom were heading into Scunthorpe General Hospital for the 2nd time that day – she’d thought she might be in labour but it was a false alarm – when she suddenly felt things might be about to happen.

She asked Tom to drop her off at the hospital entrance and then come and find her once he’s parked the car.

“I was trying to close the [car] door really quick and as I got out, I knew she was on her way,” Jessica said.

She really wasn’t wrong! Jessica delivered baby Lucy right there, standing up in the doorway, in under a minute. She even untangled the umbilical cord from around Lucy’s neck herself.


Luckily, an off-duty nurse named Gemma was leaving the hospital and heard Jessica calling. She came to Jessica’s aid, wrapping the newborn in her jacket. Midwife Sally Parkin also came to the rescue, offering warm towels and wheelchair for Jessica to sit in.

“It was surreal, like something off a film,” Gemma said.

Now, spare a thought for dad Tom – who says he was only about 100ft away from entrance when Lucy was born. He missed the whole thing by just a few seconds.

“[Jessica] felt really guilty because I missed it, and I was just in absolute shock, I didn’t know what was happening!” Tom said.

Sally added: “Jessica was just so calm and relaxed, and Tom was crying and Jessica was saying, ‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry’ and he was saying it didn’t matter. It was just such a lovely experience. She did so well.”

During the couple’s chat on GMB, hosts Kate Garraway and Ben Shephard played them the hospital’s CCTV footage of the birth, so Tom did get to see his daughter being born after all.

We’re glad mum and baby are doing well – and we reckon this is a birth story to be told time and time again ?

You can watch the full interview (with CCTV footage) here.

Images: ITV/Good Morning Britain

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