Is this the world’s youngest jewel thief?

Amazing shop CCTV footage appears to show jewellery heist by little child - was it pre-planned?



In an astonishing  video on YouTube, a very young child takes some jewellery from a display case while his mum is talking to the shop assistant. He then walks out of the shop with his booty, holding his mum’s hand.

The footage, shot by the shop’s security camera in Oaxaca in Mexico, shows the boy sitting on a chair and then reaching out and grabbing a piece of jewellery. He takes the jewellery and jumps off the chair. He then darts around the shop, at which point the mum apparently told the sales assistant that her car was illegally parked, and you can see mum and son quickly walk out of the shop.

The shop staff only noticed the piece of jewellery, purportedly worth around £250, was missing about 20 minutes later.

“We never suspected them because the lady came with a boy who was a bit naughty but that was it. He was walking back and forth but we never suspected it was that customer,” said sales assistant Ana Lilia Hernandez.

Do you think it was a case of the boy thinking ‘Mmmm, that looks nice. I’ll have that’ or was it a planned scam? It appears the mum hasn’t been back to the shop to return the jewellery but police also haven’t made any arrests.


Has your child ever grabbed any low-hanging goodies in a shop and tried to pocket them? Or have you ever found some sweets or little toy in your child’s buggy when you got home that you know didn’t buy? Reveal all…

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