Is your child a Child Genius?

Channel 4 follows a group of exceptionally clever children taking part in a competition to find the UK’s ultimate child genius


Earlier this year, 21 highly gifted children aged seven to 11 were selected to take part in a competition run in association with British Mensa, to find the UK’s ultimate child genius.


Alongside their home lives, the new Channel 4 series charts the progress of some of these extraordinary children through the course of the competition.

There is eight-year-old Josh, a chess prodigy whose mum Hilary has a grand plan to put 10,000 hours into making him a grandmaster by the age of 13.

Ten-year-old Hugo is an outspoken trainspotter who gets frustrated by those who aren’t as clever as him.

And there is also Shrinidhi, the current World U-12 Scrabble champion, whose passion for words and all things literary extends to her favourite treat, which is sniffing old books.

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