What time should your schoolchild go to bed? Always a tricky one. So, a primary school in Wisconsin, America, thought it would help parents work it out by posting a bedtime chart for kids on Facebook.


The sleep table matches children's suggested bedtimes with wake-up time and age, and recommends that 5 year olds need 12 hours of sleep while 12 year olds need between 9 and 10 hours.

"Helpful information!" the school posted cheerily on Facebook next to the image. But the chart, which has been shared more than 380,000 times on Facebook, has not had the enthusiastic reaction the school seemed to be expecting.

"This chart is stupid and ridiculous; parents should know how much sleep their child needs. I think 8-10 hours depending on the day is perfect amount of sleep for kids under 12," one mum wrote.

"I don't get home until 5:30-6pm. If I went by this chart I'd never see them. To each, their own," said another.

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"And all kids are the same and need as much sleep as their friends? Not! Mine gets up at 6.30 and goes to sleep after 20.30, and she has energy all day!" another added.

Meanwhile, some parents have agreed with the specified bedtimes. "Works for us! Children need routine and structure," one mum wrote.

"My 6 yr old is in bed by 7.30 to get up at 6.30. When his older brother was his age, he was in bed by 7. Structure works for us," another added.

A quick straw poll of the MFM office revealed that these bedtimes were somewhat later than in our homes. What do you think?

Photo: Facebook / Wilson Elementary

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