It’s Braxton Hicks for ready-to-pop Luisa Zissman, but still no baby

The reality star is soooo chilled about her due date - she's not even acknowledging it!


Those last few weeks or days before your due date can be a funny old time – a weird mix of emotions.


You might be desperate to meet your baby, maybe you’re fed up with lugging your bump around, or experiencing nervousness about the birth – not to mention all the false alarms. You know, where every little damp feeling sends you into a ‘ooooh is that my water breaking?!’ frenzy and every twinge makes you wonder if the time has finally come. 

On the twinge front, Braxton Hicks can really become a thing as your due date nears (or even way before, as early as 16 weeks) and your body prepares itself for birth – something that former The Apprentice star Luisa Zissman currently knows only too well.

Not that she’s in to due dates – but more on that later…

Sharing a fab 9-month bump pic on her Instagram page, Luisa revealed that she was planning on doing nothing but sitting with her feet up all day – and in this heat (MFM immediately jinxes it) who can blame her? She did however add that she was ‘having lots of Braxton Hicks’.

Her followers were quick to respond to her post with their own current preg statuses, with Luisa asking one mum-to-be if she would be having a cervical sweep (where your midwife ‘sweeps’ her fingers around your cervix to loosen the membranes).

She revealed that when she had one when pregnant with her daughter Dixie, now 6, the little girl arrived the next day.

But this time round, the soon-to-be mum-of-2 doesn’t seem in too much of a rush to bring on her labour just yet, telling one of her social media followers that she doesn’t actually ‘believe’ in due dates: 

“Ah they rarely come on their due dates! I haven’t told anyone my due date for that reason because I hypnobirth I don’t believe in due dates,” she wrote.

“Could be anytime from 38-42 weeks I’m mentally prepared for the 42 weeks! Xx.”

Did you experience loads of Braxton Hicks? And do you share Luisa’s ‘they’ll come when they’re ready’ approach to birth? 

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Images: Luisa Zissman/Instagram

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