Lightsabers have come a long way...

Here at MFM we love toys probably as much as your little ones do. So we were very excited to head to Hasbro to see what fun stuff it’s got in store for us this Christmas.


We loved:

The Cookie Monster. Check out the video on our Facebook page and you’ll see why! Like his pal Elmo, the Cookie Monster is even more interactive that ever and children can feed him cookies, and listen to him much appreciatively!

New Play Doh. If only they’d had such creative Play Doh when MFM was little! We loved the Pizza maker and Ice Cream kits and especially the board game, Mashed Potatoes, where children make their own potato characters to play with out of doh and a mould.

Kre-O. New on the market for Christmas with its Transformers range, this new building block toy could be the next big thing…

Fur Real tiny pets and an interactive cat. Yes, we’ve played with Cookie the dog already, now it’s time to introduce a feline. If you won’t let your kids have pets, these are the next best thing and the mini options include bunnies, kitties, and even a seal.

Light sabers. They light up and down like the real thing. Need we say more?

Plus, In the Night Garden, My Little Pony and the next generation of Tiny Tears - My Baby Alive Doll – who you can feed a strange green concoction to and who wears a nappy… (For good reason! Lovely!)


Check out our behind the scenes pics for more toys below...