It just happened to be the weekend of The Baby Show - where we host our famous buggy-testing track - when we caught up with mum-of-2 and author Izzy Judd.


So, perhaps it's no surprise we got onto the subject of prams ?

Izzy and Strictly-winning, McFly drummer hubby Harry have had the iCandy Orange, the Joolz Geo and the Bugaboo Bee for their 2 little ones, Lola and Kit.

But Izzy also gave us some really handy insider info on what she reckons is the best buggy accessory she's ever had.

She revealed: "One of the best things Harry bought me was a hand muff that goes around the buggy and keeps your hands warm."

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Ahh, we know it can be a bit annoying dealing with putting gloves on and off when you're trying to look after a baby...

And now the cold snap's about to hit (hello, winter☃️ ☃️) we think one those super-cosy hand warmers that goes round your pram handle is a fab idea.

And while we were on the subject of prams, we asked Izzy what she thought of our buggy testing track at the Baby Show - where mums and dads can test out a buggy on an all-terrain circuit before they decide which one to go for.

While she hasn't actually got to try it out herself (yet), she told us she thinks it's such a good idea ?

Likewise the buggy hand muff, Izzy - in fact we're going to start looking for one before our hands freeze off! ❄️❄️

Image: Izzy Judd on Instagram

Izzy is currently working as brand ambassador of AVEENO Baby and its new Dermexa launch for babies with sensitive skin

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